Direct Cremation Service is available for families who do not intend to hold a wake. These funerals are conducted in a simple style at the crematorium.

Our funeral director and crew will be present to assist and advice you with the necessary arrangements (e.g. funeral items and cremation time slot.


  • A simple cremation casket

  • Manpower and pallbearers

  • Transportation of loved one from home or hospital

  • Booking of cremation timeslot service

  • Cremation fee

  • Ash collection assistance and guidance


Religious rites can be conducted at the crematorium before sending off your loved one. We are able to arrange a monk, priest or pastor to conduct the rites.

Please prepare and bring along these items upon the passing of a loved one.

  • Your loved one’s Identification Card (NRIC) as well as a next-of-kin’s NRIC for application of death certificate.

  • A set of clothing will need to be given to us for your loved one to change into before transferring into the casket.

  • Other items will include items such as reminding clothing, accessories, favourite books, etc) that the family would like to cremate along with the casket. These items can either be passed to us to be placed in the casket in advance, or be brought to the crematorium to be placed before the cremation.

  • Family would have to make decision on what to do with the remains (Ashes) after the cremation. Whether it be to place in a columbarium, to scatter at sea or others, we will be there to assist.

  • For any other services which has not been mentioned, feel free to call us and enquire.

For more enquiry with regards to our funeral packages or services, kindly contact us through the buttons below, we are always ready to take your call at anytime of the day, pre-arrangement for funeral can be made in advance.

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