Buddhist Funeral Services In Singapore

Updated: Jul 13


The Final Moment

In Buddhist terms, death preparation begins as early even before the final breath of a person's life. Family member or a Buddhist monk will lead the chanting for the deceased by doing so this will keep the deceased clam and to prepare him to the next phrase of his or her afterlife.

The Wake

Buddhist families usually hold a funeral at a HDB Void Deck where the deceased home is locate at, alternatively funeral can also be held at a funeral parlour. Friends and relatives will come down to pay their final respect for the bereaved family, usually this wake will last between three to five days or even seven days depending on the deceased age and family request.

Buddhist Funeral

When Buddhist funeral occurs, Buddhist monk or Buddhist group will usually takes the lead by chanting on various scriptures and the objective is to help the soul of the deceased during the process of rebirth. Buddhist funeral itself have different rites, ritual that may be given in many different Buddhist domination.

Burial or Cremation

Buddhist can choose between cremation or burial but due to lack of space in Singapore pricing for a burial funeral would be more costly compared to the cremation one's. Buddhist monk will be required to lead the chanting as well as performing the final rituals.

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