Catholic Funeral in Singapore

The main objective of Catholic funeral service is to:

- To be thankful to the God for conquering the death and his promises of external life

- Giving the deceased’s soul a professional funeral rite that are prescribed by various church

- By having church community along with family and friends to pray and hand his soul to the hand of God’s loving care

- To comfort the deceased family

- To gain strength from the passion, resurrection, death and coming of Christ

Our funeral director will coordinate with the catholic church with regards to the timing of the en-coffining as well as the cremation or burial service.

A catholic church provide services such as:

- Night prayer services

- Final Day Mass on the last day before burial or cremation

- Final respect by placing flowers by friends and family

The the lid of the casket would be opened upon the request by the family members if they want to place the belonging of the deceased into the casket.

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