How COVID-19 Affect Funeral Services in Singapore

COVID-19 – Funeral Regulations

In the event of COVID-19, we are still constantly trying to adapt to the battle of the virus at the same time trying to sustain during such difficult times. NEA has been releasing and updating their guidelines and limitation for funerals. This page will be a guide for funeral during COVID-19 and subsequently recommendations for funerals if funeral occur during this event.

Our Commitment to a Funeral

A funeral can still be occurred during COVID-19 even with a reduced of attendance and we are here to provide families the correct guide during this period. There will be various question flowing through your mind that remain untold in this article. There may be some funeral related question you might want to ask and so you may call our funeral director so we can advise u and guide you along while staying in the boundaries due to circuit breaker.

Funeral Wakes

Current Regulations:

Funeral wakes are still allowed to be held in HDB void deck, funeral parlours, and private property. There is a limitation of 20 people capacity limitation to people who can be in the venue. The Headcount will be including family members, relatives, and guests but this does not include funeral stuff such as undertakers, pallbearers, monk, or pastor etc.

This is a win-win situation and solution while Singapore are still allowed to grief. There is a limitation to the number of guests they may be handling during this period and this limit is meant to reduce the crowd that a typical funeral wake has and to ensure that there are more than enough space for social distancing as not all void deck spaces have wider area for funeral to occur.

Cremation & Burial

The family size should not exceed the headcount of 20 and we strongly suggest that only the children of the deceased and their respective spouses to attend the burial or cremation rites. We will provide live stream services for those who wish to watch the cremation rites while staying at home.

*Collection of ashes will be limited to 20 people in total.

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