Signs That You Are a Freethinker

A lot of people do struggle endlessly as they want to know what others are actually thinking, questioning themselves on their own thoughts and wanting to have a conclusion badly. People that have their own believe and religious will tend to tell you that they have found inner peace through different ways such as a certain leaders or even from their religious books, yet did they truly understand the beauty of free thought? What takes the lead to embrace the beauty of freethinking? Have you ever felt unsatisfied and wanting to debate on certain scenario or even a story that somebody out there has told you or in fact you might not be believing in a myth that is most likely often been portrayed as a true event? If so here are some of the signs that might help you to decide whether you are a free thinker.

1. Free Thinker Understand That There Will Be Always Have A Few Perspectives For Everything

To be a free thinker, you should had already know that perspective is everything, it may even be changing in the blink of an eye. You may tend to have a strong opinion about certain thing and it would just change once you been through certain situation that you would let you have a different angle of views to different facts. You will also notice that your perspective will have the ability to determine your mood as a result every bad situation that occurs could be viewed from a more positive perspective. A free thinker will clearly understand that what one might consider a huge problem might be another one’s solution.

2. A Free Thinker Knows That One Thing That Others Know Nothing About It

A quote from Socrates described it perfectly. A free thinker would always acknowledge every single knowledge he or she has currently, either changes can be done or falsified. There is never such thing as “I’m assure of certain things “Nothing in this world is certain” and the world has so much unforeseen circumstances yet to be occur to teach us and only if we are open minded and acknowledge the till the extent which we are still lacking of knowledge.

3. Free Thinkers Are So Curious About Everything

We all know that at a different phrase of life we been through we are constantly curious and asking for explanations for every single little thing that we are unsure, when we been through different stage of life we learn and grow out of it and it’s clearly safe that a free thinker never did. Free thinkers will never stop asking why as life fascinates them and they are all adventurous seeking to explore and understand every small little details aspect of it.

4. Free Thinker Question About Their Own Background

Maybe now you are wandering and started questioning yourself, you may start looking into your family background, culture, religion. It is perfectly fine to do so ask your family about their doctrines on what they follow and why are they doing it, you may even go to the church or temple to ask about rules and conducts. Reading religious texts for yourself and ask questions about the true meaning and facts. Don’t settle for it’s God’s plan and vague responses. After all, if you start looking deep into your own background you may tend to find things easier about other religions and cultures.

5. Free Thinker Thinks With Their Head Not Heart

Opinions usually located in somewhere between knowledge and ignorance. If we all act upon what we think rather than facts, the would could have been a very scary place. Think about it everyone has their own opinions and may or may not find out they are wrong afterwards. There is nothing wrong with an opinion as we know that opinions can turn out into interesting scientific discoveries that are yet to be discover. Overall Free Thinkers think logically, reasonably and rationally. Thinking with your heart may land you up in great trouble.

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