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Soka Gakkai is a Japanese Buddhist religious based on what are taught during 13th-Century Japanese priset by the name of Nichiren as taught by its first three president namely Tsunesaburō Makiguchi, Jōsei Toda and Daisaku Ikeda. This religion is the largest of the Japanese new religion that holds one of the largest membership among Nichiren Buddhist groups. The word “Gakkai” is based on the taught on Nichiren’s interpretation of Lotus Sutra and by chanting “ Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” is one of the main practice. Peace, Culture and education is been promoted by the organization as a goal.

Educator Makiguchi and Toda founded this movements on the year 18th November 1930, while its inaugural meeting was held in 1937 as researched. It was been disband during the time of World War ll as there were too much leadership that have been imprisoned because of the serious violation of Peace Preservation Law and charges of lese-majeste. Ever since the war it have been expanding before the war at the estimation of around 3000 members that claimed at a total amount of 750,000 households by the time of 1958 by explosive recruitment, while this shocked the Japanese establishment and various media. Further explaining, this expansion was done and led by its third president at that point of time named president Daisku Ikeda .

Recorded by it’s own account, till now it has been exposed to 12 million members in 192 different countries and territories around the world up till today.

While this has been a great successful in moving group towards and accept it, is is still been observe and viewed as suspicion in Japan and was found itself embroiled in public controversies. Especially during the start of the first three decades after World War ll , As of 1952 to 1991, it is been shared as an association with the Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist sect. Komeito, a political part have been closely aligned with the Soka Gakkai and joining and ruling government coalition in 1999.

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