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Updated: Jul 13


Objective of a Taoist Funeral

The objective of a Taoist funeral is to chant from the scriptures, lead by Taoist priests. Usually traditional Chinese musical instrument will be played for the background music. This chanting is lead by the lighting effects of the nine pieces of tiles and each piece of tiles represent the symbol of each layer from the hell. Usually this tiles are smashed by the most experienced priest to release and entrap the soul from the confine of the hell.

In the whole process of the ritual, each Taoist priest will relocate himself beside the photo of the deceased than he will be sitting on a chair with the shape of a lotus and start chanting so as to seek forgiveness of sins of the deceased and other departed souls.

The Mourners

The definition of mourner is a person that is either feeling or expressing sadness who is at the funeral. Usually this people in sackcloth will usually tear loudly away as this is part of the tradition to a Taoist funerals. The tear represent that the deceased is been loved and missed deeply hence during the process of nailing the coffin at this moment it is often the loudest,

The Nailing of the Casket/Coffin

The eldest son will be guided throughout the whole ritual for nailing of the casket by the priest and funeral advisors, everyone whom are at the wake are to face away during the process due to the conflicts of zodiac signs so it's best to avoid looking.

The Procession

On the funeral day of a Taoist Funeral, Right after the casket viewing glass has been sealed the casket will be transferred to the hearse usually a Taoist hearse will be recommended to be used for a Taoist Funeral. The eldest son will be the one who stand behind the hearse follow by the rest of the family members base on generations. Relatives and friends can also join the departure by walking behind the family. After a small distance of sending off, the elder son will be sitting at the front of the glass hearse/traditional hearse while the rest of the families will be boarding the coach.

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