Top 3 Questions To Ask When Planning Funeral in Singapore

Top Three Questions to Ask When Planning a Funeral in Singapore Losing a loved is always difficult and the emotional pain of it all is one of the main things that make planning a funeral most difficult for most of the people. Unfortunately, it is something that cannot be entirely avoided and no matter how much you dislike doing it, it will still have to be done at some point. Below are the three of the most important questions to look out for when planning a funeral for a loved one.

What type of funeral should you have? Funeral services in Singapore can be categorized as either religious or non religious funerals and you are going to have to decide which of the two you want to have. If, for instance, you decide to have a religious funeral then you will probably go for either a Buddhist funeral service or a Christian funeral service as these are the two main religions in Singapore.

What were the deceased’s final wishes?

Is there any final wishes left by the deceased's? If yes, we would recommend the family to carry out their wishes. Example: Religion theme of the funeral (Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Catholic, Freethinker, Soka etc.), The venue of wake, Colour of setup, Days of wake, Any specified flower to be used, Colour choice of Casket, Buffet or On the spot catering for relatives and friends, Song to be used on funeral hearse, Where the ashes / remains of your loved one to be kept at (Columbarium, Burial, Sea Burial) and many more.

How much will you be spending on the funeral? Funeral services in Singapore can be quite expensive and if you do not have a budget then you might end up spending way more than you can afford. If the deceased had some form of life insurance cover then this will come in handy in helping you offset the cost of the funeral. Do inform the funeral director/planner the budget you have so he/she can work out a perfect funeral plan for your loved one.

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